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CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Battery Pack 16 Cell


The Caire Freestyle Comfort 16 Cell Rechargeable Battery provides up 8 hours of battery life at a flow setting of 2 when it is fully charged. The 16 cell battery is an ideal power source when you need extra battery life for extended flights or long road trips.

It averages about 6 hours to charge the lithium-ion battery from 0% to 100%.

The FreeStyle Comfort recharges the battery pack when it is installed and it is connected to an external AC or DC power source. It is lightweight.

It’s easy to carry multiple 16 cell batteries in the accessory bag or in a backpack, making it easy to replace a depleted battery with a fully charged one while on the go.

Before using the 16 cell battery pack for the first time. It should be fully charged using either AC or DC power.


8 Cell, 16 Cell

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